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Unit2 Healthy eating
适用学科 高中英语 人教新课标版 适用区域 (分钟) 重点词汇 : diet, balance, offer, serve, discount, glare, consider, operate, combine, tired, hurry, frustrate, limit 重点短语: cut down, in debt, earn one’s living 知识点 重点句型: 1. nothing could be better… 2. Why don't you do...? 3. have sb. doing sth. Get students to learn and grasp the important useful new words and 教学目标 expressions in this part: Enable students to grasp the usages of such important new words and 教学重点 expressions 教学难点 Get students to understand some difficult and long sentences. 适用年级 课时时长 高中一年级 2 课时

1. 检查上节课课后作业; 2. Unit1 语言知识运用诊断 (1).—I am afraid that my boss is not satisfied with my work. —________ Nobody’s saying you’re not good at your job. A.It doesn’t matter. C.Forget it! B.Take it easy! D.Go ahead.

解析:选 B 考查交际用语。句意:“我担心*宥晕业墓ぷ鞑宦狻!薄安灰粽拧C 有人说你的工作没干好。”It doesn’t matter.“没关系”,通常是对方道歉时的应答用语。Take it easy!“放松;不要紧张”,通常用于安慰别人。Forget it!“算了吧”,常用于否决别人的建议。 Go ahead.“开始吧”,常用于同意某人的建议或请求。 (2).As the road to the airport is under reconstruction, we’d better _____ early to avoid the traffic jam.

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A.pay off C.put off

B.set off D.take off

解析:选 B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:因为通向机场的道路正在重建中,我们最好早 点出发以避免交通堵塞。set off 意为“出发”,符合题意。pay off 意为“还清;成功”;put off 意为“推迟”;take off 意为“起飞;脱下”。故选 B。 (3).________ not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. A.Reminding C.To remind B.Reminded D.Having reminded

解析:选 B 考查非谓语动词作状语。句意:有人提醒经理不要错过 15:20 的航班, 他匆忙出发去了机场。句子主语 the manager 与 remind 为逻辑上的被动关系,故排除 A、C、 D 三项,因为这三项表主动,只有 B 项表被动。非谓语动词作状语,其逻辑主语要和句子 主语保持一致。 (4).—May I tell this to my close friend? —No, you ________.Never let anybody else know about it. A.needn’t C.mustn’t B.shouldn’t D.can’t

解析: 选 C 由“决不可以让其他任何人知道”可知选 C, mustn’t 表示“不允许; 不可以”, 语气强烈。 (5).—How will she behave in case of our failure? —She’ll put the blame on us if it ________ badly. A.turns up C.turns off B.turns down D.turns out

解析:选 D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:“万一我们失败了,她会怎样呢?”“如果结果 很糟糕的话, 她会把责任推到我们身上。 ”turn out“结果(是); 原来(是)”, 符合句意。 turn up“开 大;出现”;turn down“关小;拒绝”;turn off“关掉”。 (6).In China, it is a traditional ________ to show respect to ancestors during the Qingming Festival. A.belief C.strength B.custom D.principle

解析: 选 B 考查名词辨析。 belief“信任; 信心; 信仰”; custom“*惯; 风俗”; strength“强 项;长处;力量”;principle“法则;原则;原理”。根据句意选 B。 (7).It remains to be seen ________ the new president can relieve the fear ________ more and more workers will be laid off. A.whether; that B.how; why

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C.what; that

D.whether; how

解析:选 A 考查名词性从句。句意:新任总统是否能减轻人们对越来越多的人将会失 业的恐慌还有待观察。根据句意并分析句子成分可知,it 为形式主语,第一空引导的主语从 句是句子的真正主语, 根据句意可知, 应选 whether; 第二空引导的从句作 the fear 的同位语, 且空处在同位语从句中不充当成分,故选 that。 (8).I ________ a lawyer about the agreement this morning, and he gave me some advice. A.awarded C.reminded B.admired D.consulted

解析: 选 D 考查动词辨析。 award“授予; 判定”; admire“赞美; 钦佩; 羡慕”; remind“提 醒;使想起”;consult“咨询;请教;商量”。根据句意选 D。 (9).—We enjoyed the flowers in the park, and had ________ great fun yesterday. —Great. But it’s ________great pity that I didn’t join you. A./; / C./; a B.a; / D.a; a

解析:选 C 句意:“昨天我们在公园里欣赏了花并且玩得很愉快。”“太好了。不过遗 憾的是我没有加入你们。 ”have fun 意为“玩得高兴”; It’s a great pity that ...意为“……很可惜”。 (10).The building project ________ next year is not easy ________ in time. A.being carried out; to complete B.carried out; to be completed C.to be carried out; to complete D.to be carried out; to be completed 解析:选 C 考查非谓语动词作定语和状语。句意:明年将要实施的大楼工程要想按时 完成并不容易。第一空为不定式的被动式作定语表示被动、将来;第二空为不定式作状语, 用主动表示被动。

由谚语开始说起“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” What kind of food should people eat in order to keep healthy? Do you know that the food you eat helps you grow in different ways? 1. Food to provide energy —energy-giving food 2. Food to grow bones and muscles —body-building food 3. Food to give fibre for digestion

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—protective food What are energy-providing foods? Carbohydrates (碳水化合物) and fats are the key energy-providing nutrients. e.g. flour-based food, chocolate, butter, cream, oils, nuts Get to know more energy- providing foods? noodles chestnut Almond spaghetti walnut Pistachio nut cream hazelnut peanut butter

What are body-building foods? Proteins are the key body-building nutrients. Including:meat, eggs, cheese, seafood, milk, beancurd, etc. Get to know more body-building foods? sea cucumber shrimp Meat: 猪肉 pork crab seaweed 牛肉 beef lobster salmon 羊肉 mutton

What are protective foods? Vitamins, fibres and minerals are the key protective nutrients, which are mainly found in all the fruit and vegetables. Vitamins give us clear skin, strong bones and healthy blood. As they pass through the gut, fibres make solid waste bulky and soft so it is easy to get rid of. Small, regular amount of minerals help to keep our body working efficiently. Get to know more protective foods? kiwifruit capsicum apricot cauliflower durian spinach mangosteen daikon starfruit radish

知识点 1 重点词汇 balance 重点例句: What will happen to you if you don’t eat a balanced diet? 1) (n.)

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(1) [U]*衡 lose/keep one’s balance (2) [U, sing]*衡;均衡 Pesticides seriously upset the balance of nature. (3) [C]天*,秤 Weigh it on the balance. (4) [C usu sing] 收支差额,余额 My bank balance isn’t good. 2) (v.) (1) (vt./vi.) (使…)保持*衡 How long can you balance on one foot? Balancing my cup of coffee in one hand, I managed to open the door. (2) (vt.) 结算 to balance an account 【点拨】 balance n. & v. *衡 keep the balance 保持*衡 lose one’s balance 失去*衡 out of balance 失去*衡 in the balance 不能确定的,尚未决定的 Try to achieve a better balance between work and play.争取把工作和娱乐更好地结合起来。 She cycled too fast round the corner,lost her balance and fell off.她拐弯时骑得太快,失去* 衡摔倒了。 【拓展】balance the income and expense 使收支*衡 balance A against B 权衡重要性 a balanced diet 一种*衡的饮食 upset (upset, upset, upsetting) 重点例句: I don’t want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. (1) (adj.)不快的,心烦意乱的,烦恼的 be upset (with sb.) (by/about/at sth.) be off balance sense of balance

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She was really upset about the way her father treated her. (2) (vt.) (upset, upset) 弄翻;使心烦意乱 Don’t do anything that would upset him. He upset a bowl of soup. benefit 重点例句: I don’t want to upset you, but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food. (1) (vt.)有益于 sth. benefit sb. These facilities have benefited the whole town. (2) (vi.)受益,得到好处 sb. benefit from sth. He hasn't benefited from the experience. (3) (n.)好处,益处,帮助 be of benefit to =be beneficial to… The new regulations will be of great benefit (=be highly beneficial) to us all. for the benefit of =for the benefit of sb. The money is to be used for the benefit of the poor. diet 【原句回放】Everybody has to eat,but do you eat a healthy diet? (P9)每个人都必须吃饭,但 是你吃得健康吗? 【点拨】diet n.饮食,节食 be/go on a diet 在节食 diet sb. =put sb. on a diet 限制某人的饮食 dietary n. 规定饮食(法) dietetic adj. 饮食的 The doctor says I’ve got to go on a diet.医生说我必须节食。 The doctor has dieted the patient strictly.医生严格规定病人的饮食。 【拓展】a balanced diet put sb. on a diet diet drinks offer 一份*衡饮食 使某人节食 低热量饮料

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【原句回放】What special food of your place would you offer them? (P9)你要给他们提供当地 的什么特色食品? 【点拨】offer (1) v.提供,出价,提议 offer sb. sth. =offer sth. to sb. 向某人提供某物 offer to do 提议做…… (2) n.出价,提议 an offer of £100 出价 100 英镑 The company offered the job to someone else.公司把这项工作给别人了。 We accepted his offer.我们接受了他的提议。 serve 【原句回放】At the library Wang Peng was surprised to find that his restaurant served far too much fat and Yong Hui’s far too little.在图书馆,王鹏吃惊地发现。他餐馆的食物脂肪含量太 高,而雍慧餐馆的食物脂肪含量又太少。 【点拨】serve v.服务(役),任(职);提供(饭菜) serve sb. 招待某人;为某人服务 serve as a driver 当司机(指职业) serve the dinner 提供饭菜 Have all the guests been served(with) food and drink? 给所有的客人都上了饭菜饮品了吗? We serve coffee in the shop.我们店有咖啡奉客。 【拓展】serve sb. with sth. 相当于 serve sth. to sb. 拿出某物款待某人;供给某人某物 serve ... as... discount 【原句回放】Perhaps with a discount and a new sign he could win his customers back.(P10)也 许打点折、写个新的标牌,能够赢回他的顾客。 【点拨】discount n. & v.折扣,打折;将……打折扣;不全相信,漠视,低估 They were selling everything at a discount.他们销售的所有商品都打折。 You can discount what Jack said:he’s a dreadful liar.杰克说的话你不必当真,他可是个说谎 大王。 In his plans,he discounted the expense.

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【拓展】at a discount 打折扣,减价 get/give/offer a discount 得到/给予/提供折扣 glare 【原句回放】She did not look happy but glared at him.雍慧瞪着他,看上去不太高兴。 【点拨】 glare vi.发出刺目的强光;n.眩目的光

glaring adj. 耀眼的 glare at 怒视 The sun glared down on the ice.强烈的光照射在冰上。 He had to wear sunglasses because of the glare of the sun.为阳光耀眼,他只好戴墨镜。 They stopped arguing and glared at each other.他们停止了争论,怒视着对方。 【拓展】易混辨析 glare at 怒视 stare at 注视,盯着看 glance at 瞥一眼 consider 【原句回放】So when I consider the food,the cars and the jobs…(P52)所以,当我考虑食品、 汽车以及工作的时候…… 【点拨】consider v.认为,考虑 consider sb. as... 把某人看作…… consider sb. /sth. (to be)+n. /adj. 认为某人/某物…… consider(doing) sth. 考虑(做)某事 We consider this (to be) very important.我们认为这非常重要。 We are considering going to Canada.我们正考虑到加拿大去。 【拓展】consideration n.考虑

under consideration 考虑中 take sth. into consideration(=consider sth.)考虑某事 considerate adj.考虑周到的 considerable adj.相当的,重要的,可观的 It was considerate of you not to play the piano while I was asleep.在我睡觉时你不弹钢琴, 真是体贴入微。

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operate 【原句回放】 In America . McDonald’s does not allow workers’ unions to operate in its restaurants…在美国,麦当劳不允许餐馆有工会运转…… 【点拨】operate v. 运转;操作;做手术 This machine operates night and day.这台机器日夜运转。 operate a machine 开机器 operate a factory 经营一家工厂 operate on sb. =do an operation on sb.给某人做手术 【拓展】operating system 操作系统 combine 【原句回放】 Perhaps we ought to combine our ideas…(P15)也许我们应该把我们的想法结合起 来…… 【点拨】combine v. (使)联合;(使)结合 combine with sth.同……结合成一体 combine A and B 合并 A 和 B/使 A 和 B 合成一体 combine A with B A 同 B 组合 Hydrogen and oxygen combineto form water. 氢和氧结合成水。 Hydrogen combines with oxygen Combine the eggs with a little flour and heat the mixture gently. 把鸡蛋和少量面粉混合在一起轻轻加热。 tired 【原句回放】Tired of all that fat? (P10)肥腻的东西吃厌了吗? 【点拨】tired adj. 疲惫的,厌倦的 I’m tired of his silly questions.我厌倦了他那些愚蠢的问题。 He got tired from reading.他看书看累了。 be/get tired of 对……感到厌倦 be/get tired from doing 因做……而疲劳 be/get tired with sth.因……而疲劳 【拓展】tiring adj.令人疲惫的 tire sb. out 使某人精疲力竭 tiresome adj. 令人厌倦的 operating table 手术台

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hurry 【原句回放】Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by.突然间,他看到他的朋友李昌 匆匆地走过。 【点拨】hurry v. & n. 匆忙 hurry up 赶快 hurry sb. /sth. up 使某人/某事物加快速度/快速行动 hurry to a place 匆忙去某地 hurry by 从旁边匆匆经过 hurry off 匆匆离开 Don’t hurry; there’s plenty of time.别着急,时间还有很多。 I wish the train would hurry up and come.我希望列车快点到来。 【拓展】in a hurry(=hurriedly,quickly)迅速地,急忙地 be in a hurry to do sth. (=be eager to do sth.)急于做某事 be in no hurry to do sth.不急于做某事;不愿意做某事 He was in a hurry to leave.他急匆匆地离开了。 frustrate 【原句回放】Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated.王鹏坐在空荡荡的 餐馆里,感到十分沮丧。 【点拨】frustrate vt. 挫败,使沮丧 frustrate sb. 使某人受挫败;扰乱/阻挠某人 sb. be frustrated by... 某人因……而灰心/沮丧 The terrible weather frustrated our hopes of going out.恶劣的天气使我们外出的愿望无法 实现。 He was frustrated by repeated failures.他因一再失败而灰心丧气。 【拓展】frustrated adj. 灰心丧气的,沮丧的 frustrating adj. 使人讨厌的;使人灰心的 limit 【原句回放】... but I found your menu so limited that I stopped worrying and started advertising the benefits of my food.……但我发现你的菜单上的菜如此有限,我就不担心了,并且开始 为我的食物的益处做宣传了。 【点拨】limit ①v.限制,限定

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limit... to... 把……限制在/到…… ②n.限度 set a limit to/on sth.设定对某事的限度 the limit of one’s patience 某人忍耐的限度 within limits 适度地;有限度地 without limits 无限地 go/beyond/over the limit 超过限度 There’ s a limit to how much I’m prepared to spend.我准备花多少钱是有限度的。 I shall limit myself to three aspects of the subject.我仅探讨这一问题的三个方面。 ③limited adj.有限的,不多的 The amount of money we have is limited.我们的钱有限。 We had only limited communion with the natives.我们与当地人的交往很有限。 【拓展】set a limit to/on...对……规定限度 limit ... to... 把……限定在……范围之内 without limit 查过限度 beyond the limit 超过限度 within limits 适度地;有限度地 知识点 2 重点短语 1. cut down 【原句回放】In this way they cut down the fat and increased the fibre in the meal.这样,他们 减少了饭菜中的脂肪含量,增加了纤维素。 【点拨】 cut down ①砍伐 cut down a tree 砍倒一棵树 ②削减,降低 cut down one’s expenses 削减某人的开支 【易混辨析】 cut up 切碎,割碎,使伤心 cut down 砍倒,减少 cut in 打断(谈话),插嘴 cut out(=stop functioning)不再起作用,停止运转 cut off 切断;使隔绝 One of the aircraft’s engines cut out.飞机的一个发动机失灵了。

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The army was cut off from its base.那支部队与基地失去了联系。 2. in debt 【原句回放】He did not look forward to being in debt…(P14)他不希望负债…… 【点拨】 in debt 负债 It’s much easier to get into debt than to get out of debt.借债容易还债难。 【拓展】get/run into debt 负债,借债 out of debt 不欠债 pay off the debt 还清债务 be in sb. ’s debt/in debt to sb.欠某人的债,受某人的恩惠 3. earn one’s living 【原句回放】Perhaps he would be able to earn his living after all…(P14)也许他仍然能够谋 生…… 【点拨】earn one’s living 谋生,度日 = make one’s living He left his office job to try to make a living on the land.他辞去了办公室的工作,努力以务农 为生。 【拓展】“谋生,度日”的表示方法: earn one’s bread make the pot boil keep the pot boiling

earn one’s respect 赢得某人的尊敬 earn one’s confidence 赢得某人的自信 知识点 3 重点句型 1. nothing could be better… 【原句回放】“Nothing could be better”he thought.他想:“再没有比这更好吃的了” 【点拨】(1)形容词的最高级与否定代词 nothing 连用,表达最高级含义。有此用法的常用否 定词有 no,not,never,hardly,nobody,nothing 等。 (2)表示最高级意义的几种特殊结构: can/could+not/never+be+enough/too+形容词/副词 never+比较级 nothing/no+so+原级+as... nothing/no+比较级+than...

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? anyone else ? all the other s 比较级+than+? all the other+复数名词 any of the other+复数名词 ? ? the rest of +复数名词或不可数名词
any other+单数名词 any other book. ? ? The book has a greater effect on me than?all the other books. 这本书对我影响最大。 ?any of the other books. ? 【拓展】 (1) There's nothing better than a hot shower in the morning. 没有什么比早晨洗个热水澡更好的了。 (2)Nothing gives me more pleasure than listening to Mozart. 再没有比听莫扎特的乐曲更让我高兴的事了。 2. Why don't you do...? 【原句回放】Why don’t you sit down and try a meal? 你为什么不坐下来吃顿饭呢? 【点拨】Why don't you do...?=Why not do...?“为什么不……?”常用来表示委婉地提出建 议。 Why not?“为什么不?”用在简略回答中,表示同意甚至非常赞同。 (1)Why not make your own Christmas cards instead of buying them? 为什么不自己做圣诞卡而要去买呢? (2)—Let's go to the cinema.咱们去看电影吧。 — Why not ?好哇。 (3) Why not come and join us? 为什么不加入到我们当中来呢? 【拓展】“ why +动词原形”表示责备、不赞成。 Why quarrel with him? 为什么要跟他吵架呢? 3. have sb. doing sth. 【原句回放】 He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! (P10)他可不能让 雍慧哄骗人们却不受惩罚! 【点拨】have sb. doing sth. 让某人出于某种状态之中,have 为使役动词。 I won’t have you smoking at this age. 【辨析】have sb./sth. doing; have sb. do sth.; have sth. done 与 have sth. to do have sb./sth. doing 中宾语与宾语补足语之间是主谓关系,强调 doing 这一动作持续进行或 “使某人或某物处于某种状态”。

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The workers have that machine running all day. 工人们让那台机器整天运转。 have sb. do sth.中宾语与宾语补足语是逻辑上的主谓关系,强调这一具体的动作。 I had him go out to see what was happening outside? 我让他出去看看外面发生了什么事? have sth. done 中宾语与宾语补足语是逻辑上的动宾关系,表示“让别人做某事” He had his bad tooth pulled out yesterday. 他昨天找人拔了那颗坏牙。 have sth. to do 中 to do 为不定式短语作后置定语。 I’m busy now, for I have a lot of papers to type. 我现在很忙,因为我有很多文件要打。

【例题 1】Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be successful, but they may also ________our thinking. A.direct C.change 【答案】选B 【解析】 考查动词词义辨析。句意:如果我们想成功,学识很重要,但是它们也可能会限 制我们的思维。direct“指导;管理”;limit“限制”;change“改变”;improve“改善;改进”。 【例题 2】—Why do you choose to work in an international travel agency? —Well, you know, English is my ________. So it is my best choice. A.strength C.ability 【答案】选A 【解析】考查名词词义辨析。句意:“你为什么选择在国际旅行社工作?”“噢,你知道,英 语是我的强项。 因此这是我的最佳选择。 ”strength“强项; 长处”; talent“天资; 才能”; ability“能 力;力量”;skill“技能;擅长” 【例题 3】China has been pushing the reform of public hospitals ________ all its citizens. A.in charge of C.in honor of 【答案】选D 【解析】 考查介词短语辨析。 句意: 为了所有市民的利益, 中国一直在*⒁皆旱母母铩 in charge of“主管; 负责; 照料”; for the purpose of“为了; 为……起见”; in honor of“为了向…… 表示敬意”;for the benefit of“为了……的利益” 【例题 4】If you just spend time ________ advantages and disadvantages, you may get nothing in the end. A.matching B.balancing B.for the purpose of D.for the benefit of B.talent D.skill B.limit D.improve

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C.observing 【答案】选 B


【解析】balance advantages and disadvantages 意为“权衡利弊” 【例题 5】Many young people would like to have an expensive wedding even if they have to borrow a lot of money and be heavily ________ after that. A.in trouble C.in love 【答案】选D 【解析】句意:许多年轻人喜欢举行豪华的婚礼,即使他们不得不为此借一大笔钱,之后债 台高筑。in debt “欠债 【例题 6】Adopting the doctor’s advice, he ________ coffee and cigarettes and ate a balanced diet. A.cut down C.turned down 【答案】选A 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意:他采纳了医生的建议,少喝咖啡少抽烟并均衡饮食。cut down“削减”,符合句意。break down“出故障;垮掉”;turn down“拒绝;把……调低”;put down“写下;记下”。 【例题 7】Mr. Stevenson is great to work for — I really couldn’t ask for a ________ boss. A.better C.best 【答案】选A 【解析】考查比较级用法。 “can’t/couldn’t ...+比较级 ”表示最高级含义。根据前半句 “Mr. Stevenson is great to work for ” 可知,Stevenson 是一个不错的*澹虼怂怠拔艺娴恼也坏 一个比他更好的*辶恕保硎驹谖铱蠢此亲詈玫摹 B.good D.still better B.broke down D.put down B.in surprise D.in debt

(一)单词拼写: 根据句意及汉语提示,写出各句中所缺单词的正确形式 He’s always full of e___________ and seems never to be tired. 1. Kitty has been wondering what is in the box and finally she opened it with c______________. 2. What will happen if you do not eat a b______________ diet.

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3. The agreement will b________ both sides. 4. I’m t______ of this kind of food. Can’t we change a different one? 6. If you feel not good, you’d better c_____ a doctor. 7. It’s important to know your own strengths and ___________(缺点). 8. Time is l________. We need to be hurry. 9. There are usually a lot of _________ (顾客) in the KFC. 10. Our boss could have sold more goods if he had promised to offer a 40% ____________(折扣). 11. You have to ________(权衡) the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantages. 12. Don’t leave your books________(躺) about. 13. Success was achieved by the________(联合的, 共同的) efforts of the whole team. 14. This project is of great_________ (好处, 益处) to everyone. 15. She_________ (叹气) when she saw the hole in her blouse. 16. There is a________(限度)to everything. 17. His_______ (怒视)eyes made me feel uncomfortable. 18. We’ll do nothing without__________(找……商议)you. 19. Filled with extraordinary________ (力气), he raised himself completely. 20. Everyone has his own little__________ (缺点). (二)句型转换: 每空填一词,使该句与所给句子的意思相同 1. Wang Bin, you should surf the Internet for more information. Wang Bin, you _______ _______ surf the Internet for more information. 2. If you cheat in the exam, you will be punished(惩罚) for it. If you cheat in the exam, you will never _______ _______ _______ it. 3. Johnson lives a hard life, for he owes(欠) a lot of money. Johnson lives a hard life, for he is _______ ______. 4. He often lies, so no one believes him. He often _______ _______ _______, so no one believe him. 5. His restaurant ought to be full of people. His restaurant ought to be ________ _________ people. (三)完成句子:

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根据中文提示,完成句子 1, 做运动对我们的健康有好处。(benefit) ________________________________________________ 2,他撒了谎却没被惩罚。(get away with) ________________________________________________ 3,Tom 已经厌倦了每天做同样的事情。 (be tired of) _________________________________________________ 4,Lisa 靠教书谋生。 (earn one’s living) _______________________________________________ 5,你本应该按时完成作业的。 (ought to have done) __________________________________________________ 6. Several ladies who were trying _____________had already failed by eating cream cakes. 几位女士试图减肥, 但同时又吃奶油蛋糕, 结果失败了。 7. Will you ______________and tell me how much it cost? 你能不能满足我的好奇心, 告诉我那花了多少钱? 8. I won’t let him _____________________ 我不会让他用那种借口蒙混过去。 9. He is deeply involved___________ 他债台高筑。 10. She was accused of ____________the information. 她被指控刺探信息。 11. He was asking £400 for the car, but we______________£350. 这辆汽车他要价 400 英镑, 但是我们把价砍到 350 英镑。 12. His plan seemed to be too difficult, but_____________it proved to be practicable. 他的计划看起来太困难, 但是没多久就被证明很实用。 13 . Mother is out, so I ______________the shop. 妈妈不在家, 因此我不得不照看商店。 14. You_______________ that when he asked. 当他问的时候, 你其实没必要说。 15. It ___________last night, for the ground is wet.

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昨晚一定下雨了, 因为地面是湿的。 (四)根据提示翻译句子 1. 如果你时常请教老师的话,你将会受益匪浅。 (benefit,consult (with)) 2. 他认为自己能够逃过学*而考试,但最后他失败了。( get away with ) 3. 除非你保持均衡的饮食,否则将会增加体重。 (a balanced diet, put on weight ) 4. 他对家乡的巨变十分惊讶。(amaze) 5. 在做了一个令人惊叹的演讲之后,他又赢回了同事们的支持。(win back…) 6. 他谋求良好生活的能力受到了他缺乏教育的限制。(earn a good living, be limited by; lack of) 7. 在搬进新房子之前, 他扔掉了不需要的东西。(throw…away) 8. 他最大的优点也是他最严重的缺点。 9. 这两姐妹一定是吵架了,因为他们互不理睬。(must have done) 【答案解析】 单词拼写: 1,energy. 2, curiosity 6, consult 3, balanced 4, benefit 8, limited 5, tired 10, discount 15. sighed 20. weaknesses

7, weaknesses

9, customers 14. benefit

11. balance 12. lying

13. combined

16. limit 17. glaring 18. consulting 19. strength 句型转换: 1, ought to 完成句子: 1, Doing exercise will benefit our health.

2, get away with 3, in debt 4, tells a lie

5, filled with

2, He got away with telling lies.

3, Tom has been tired of doing the same thing every day. 4, Lisa earns her living by teaching. 5, You ought to have finished your homework on time. 6. to lose weight 7. satisfy my curiosity 9. in debt .

8. get away with that excuse . 10. spying on 12. before long 14. needn’t have said

11. cut him down to 13.have to look after 15. must have rained

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根据提示翻译句子: 1. You will benefit greatly if you regularly consult (with) your teacher. 2. He thought he could get away with not studying for the exam, but in the end he failed. 3. Unless you keep a balanced diet, you will put on weight. 4. He was amazed at the great changes that had taken place in his hometown. 5. After making a wonderful speech, he was able to win back the support of his colleagues. 6. His ability to earn a good living is limited by his lack of education. 7. Before moving into the new house, he threw away the things he didn’t need. 8. His greatest strength is also his most serious weakness. 9. The sisters must have had an argument, for they are no longer talking to each other.


(一)单项填空 1. —Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? —Thank you. __________ A. It couldn’t be better. C. If you like. B. Of course, you can. D. It’s up to you.

2. If you cheat in the exam, you could hardly _______it. A. throw away C. break away from B. get away D. get away with

3. —Lucy doesn’t mind lending you her dictionary. —She_______. I’ve already borrowed one. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

4. —What makes Tom unpopular with his fellows? —__________. A. Tell a lie B. Telling lies C. Told lies D. Telling lie

5. —I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. —You __________her last week.

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A. ought to tell C. must tell

B. would have told D. should have told

6. The manager had fallen asleep where he_______, without undressing. A. was laying B. was lying C. had laid D. had lied

7. —Catherine, I have cleaned the room for you. —Thanks. You_______ it.I could manage it myself. A. needn’t do C. mustn’t do B. needn’t have done D. shouldn’t have done

8._________ he stayed in Germany for half a year and he will go to Germany _________again. A. Before long; before long C. Before long; long before B. Long before; long before D. Long before; before long

9. Let’s _______my scientific knowledge and your business skills and start a company. A. connect B. relate C. combine D. put

10. She put on dark glasses because the sun was_______. A. glaring B. staring C. exciting D. moving

11. There is a 20-minute parking ________here, so we must get back to the car very quickly. A. freedom B. limit C. allowance D. ability

12. —His girlfriend deserted him because of his taking drugs. —He is doing what he could to __________her love. A. win over B. win back C. win through D. win out

13. The old model worker’s rich experience is not to be______. A. uncounted B. valued C. attracted D. discounted

14. —Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. —Sorry, with so much work _____my mind, I almost break down. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled

15. —What makes you so worried? —_____________. A. Because of my weight B. For I’ve lost some weight C. Putting on weight

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D. Because I’ve put on weight 【答案解析】 1. 【解析】 选 A。 考查否定词+比较级表达最高级含义的用法。 It couldn’t be better. 意为“再 好不过了”。其余各项不符合语境。 2. 【解析】选 D 。考查动词短语。throw away “扔掉”; get away “离开; 出发”; break away from “脱离”; get away with “不受惩罚”。由题意可知 D 项正确。 3. 【解析】选 C。考查情态动词的用法。needn’t 表示“不必”。由题意可知 C 项正确。 4. 【解析】选 B。考查 tell a lie/lies “说谎”; 同时 tell a lie/lies 在句中作主语。 5. 【解析】选 D 。考查情态动词 should have done 的用法。should have done 表示本该做而 事实上没有做(的事), 这里表示责备。 6. 【解析】选 B。此处考查 lie 的用法。作“躺”讲时, 其过去式、过去分词、现在分词分别 为 lay, lain, lying; 作“说谎”讲时, 分别为 lied, lied, lying。句意为:经理没脱衣服就在他 躺的地方睡着了。 7. 【解析】选 B。考查情态动词的用法。needn’t have done 表示“本不必要……的”。由题 意可知 B 项正确。 8. 【解析】选 D。句意为:很久以前他在德国住了半年, 不久他将再次去德国。这两个短 语的记忆诀窍是:long 在前“很久前”; long 在后“不久后”。根据句意, 本题答案应为 D。 9. 【解析】 选 C。 考查动词词义。 connect “联系”; relate “相关”; combine “结合”; put “放置”。 由题意可知 C 项正确。 10. 【解析】选 A。考查动词词义。glaring “闪耀, 发出刺眼的光”; staring “盯”; exciting “兴 奋, 激动”; moving “移动”。由题意可知 A 项正确。 11. 【解析】选 B。考查名词词义。freedom “自由”; limit “限制”; allowance “默许; 承认”; ability “能力”。由题意可知 B 项正确。 12. 【解析】选 B。句意为:——因为吸毒, 他的女朋友遗弃了他。——他正尽一切可能重 新获得她的爱情。win back 重新获得。 13. 【解析】选 D。老劳动模范的丰富经验不可小看。uncounted 不可数的; value 重视; attract 吸引; discount 不重视; 不理会, 根据句意选 D。 14. 【解析】选 B。考查 with 的复合结构。fill 与 much work 构成主动关系, 故使用现在分 词。 15. 【解析】选C。完整的回答应该是:Putting on weight makes me so worried.

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(二)完形填空 阅读下面的短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 My husband and I insisted that our children were old enough to clean their rooms and make their beds. But they thought landing on 2 1 . My complaints, even self-justified shouting, were always 3 into

ears. Very often a whole hour’s scolding would end with their 4 my method of “mothering”. 5 7

tears, I felt very frustrated. I realized I needed to

One day when they were at school, I spent some time plain

their rooms. On their desks, in to Sarah), your room was 8 arriving

6 , I left the cards: “Dear Bill (the other card was

messy this morning and I’m sure you like it clean. Love, the Room Fairy.” back, the children were 9

excited to receive the little note from the Room Fairy. The next 10

day, their rooms were fairly tidy. Sure enough, there was another note from the Room Fairy for them, thanking them for their nice “gif t” of a clean room and certain violin 13 . Sometimes the Room Fairy would propose a little homework and ____15___ 14 12 11

asking them to play a

. Each day, thank-you notes would be written differently to keep the ideas

: “If you can finish your

your lessons before dinner, I’ d like to watch a particular

television program with you tonight.” Sometimes some colored markers or other little items would be left in 18 16 of well done jobs the day 17 .

I can’t remember how long “the Room Fairy” continued leaving her love notes.

When they were age appropriate, we used various versions of Post-Its(便利贴). The bathroom mirror became the 19 centre of our home. Appointments, notices about visiting relatives,

lesson schedules, and changes in plans could be posted. We all benefited from and 20 the idea of sharing reminders and daily details of life

through notes. I believe the true advantage of the Room Fairy notes survives in our frequent and enjoyable communication. ( )1. A. otherwise ( )2. A. both ( )3.A. breaking ( )4. A. access B. indifferently B. neither B. bumping B. adjust C. doubtfully C. either C. crying C. addict D. alike D. side D. bursting D. adopt

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( )5. A. emptying ( )6. A. speech ( )7. A. addressed ( )8. A. By ( )9. A. no more than ( )10. A. waiting ( )11. A. luxuriously ( )12. A. role ( )13. A. incredible ( )14. A. advice ( )15. A. look into ( )16. A. possession ( )17. A. before ( )18. A. Even so ( )19. A. main ( )20. A. shared 【答案解析】

B. searching B. sight B.delivered B. In B. more than B. praying B. toughly B. tune B. fresh B. challenge B. go with B. praise B. later B.Though B. life B. learned

C. clearing C. words C. read C. Upon C. other than C. expecting C. gratefully C. music C. respectable C. question C. look up C. honor C. ago C. Actually C. reminder C. thanked

D. tidying D. distance D. sent D. At D. rather than D. asking D. gently D. piece D. uninteresting D. suggestion D. go over D. response D. ahead D. Even if D. memory D. appreciated

1. A2.B 3.D4.B5.D 6.C 7.A 8.C 9.B10.A 11.D 12.D 13.B 14.B 15.D 16.B 17.A 18.C19.C20.D 作者通过 the Room Fairy 的便条教育孩子要保持房间整洁和努力学*, 并一直保持这种 *惯,作者和孩子都从中受益了。 1. A 副词辨析。 A.otherwise 不然, 否则; B. indifferently 冷淡地, 漠不关心地; C. doubtfully 怀疑地;D. alike 类似于。根据上下文的意思可知孩子的想法和我们的不一样。认为他们不 会自己整理。But 在此处表示转折,故选 A。 2. B 形容词辨析。根据句意可知孩子们对我的抱怨根本不理睬,充耳不闻。故选 B。 3. D 考查固定搭配。 D 项的意思是“突然哭起来”。 4.B 考查动词。A. access 使用;B. adjust 调整;C. addict 使沉溺;D. adopt 采取,接受。 是指我得调整我做妈妈的方法了。选 B。 5.D 考查动词。A. emptying 倒空;B. searching 搜寻;C. clearing 澄清;D. tidying 使整齐。 一天他们上学的时候,我把他们的房间弄整齐。故选 D。

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6.C 考查名词辨析。A. speech 演讲;B. sight 视力;C. words 话语;D. distance 距离。结 合句意可知我在卡片上留下了话。选 C。 7.A 考查动词辨析。A. addressed 写信给;B.delivered 递送;C. read 阅读;D. sent 寄出。 address 给...)写(信),这里是指我另外一封信写给了 Sarah。选 A 8.C 介词辨析。A. By 通过;B. In 在---里面;C. Upon 在---之上;D. At 在。根据句意可 知 C 正确。孩子们一回家就非常兴奋。On/upon doing sth.一---就----,故选 C 9.B 考查固定用法。A. no more than 至多,只不过;B. more than 多于,非常; C. other than 除了;D. rather than 而不是。More than+形容词 非常…句意:孩子们一回家就非常兴奋。选 B。 10.A 固定搭配。A. waiting 等待;B. praying 祈祷;C. expecting 期待;D. asking 问,请求。 Wait for…等待…选 A。 11. D 考查副词辨析。 A. luxuriously 豪华地; B. toughly 强硬地; C. gratefully 感激地; D. gently 温和地。D 项与我以前的方法形成对比。温和的请他们演奏一曲小提琴曲,选 D。 12.D 名词辨析。A. role 角色;B. tune 曲调;C. music 音乐;D. piece 片,件。一首小提 琴曲子,a certain violin piece,选 D。 13.B 形容词辨析。A. incredible 难以相信的;B. fresh 新鲜的;C. respectable 尊重的;D. uninteresting 无聊的。这里是指每天都有新鲜的想法。选 B。 14.B 上下文串联。A. advice 劝告;B. challenge 挑战;C. question 问题;D. suggestion 建 议。根据下文可知都是一些有难度的工作。那么应该是 challenge 指有挑战性的工作。选 B。 15.D 考查动词短语。A. look into 调查;B. go with 和---一起去;C. look up 抬头看,查找; D. go over 复*。如果你饭前能完成你的作业并复*功课,今晚我和你一起看电视节目。故 选 D。 16.B 固定词组。A. possession 拥有;B. praise 表扬;C. honor 荣誉;D. response 回应。 in praise of 表扬…,故选 B。 17. A 固定词组. A. before 在---以前; B. later 后来; C. ago 以前; D. ahead 向前。the day before 前天。故选 A 18.C 考查副词辨析。A. Even so 即使这样;B.Though 尽管;C. Actually 事实上;D. Even if 即使。根据句意可知;实际上我也记不得 the Room Fairy 继续给他们写了多久的便条。选 C. 19. C 考查上下文串联。这里是指浴室的玻璃成了贴纸条的提醒强。下文 20 空也有这个词, 故选 C。

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20. D 考查动词的辨析。 我们都很欣赏这种分享提示的方法。appreciate 欣赏后接 sth,而 thank 后接 sb,故选 D

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